Ellington Farms, Inc.

Ellington Farms Inc was begun in 2000 by a father (Phil Ellington) and two sons (Jay and Jeffery Ellington), they started with three power units pulling bull wagons from the east coast to the west coast. As time passed, a flatbed trailer was purchased and combined with one power unit was leased on with a local flatbed company.  Seeing the success their truck was having, both Jay and Jeffery decided to quit their jobs and put all of their effort and energies into growing Ellington Farms into a transportation company supplying consistent on time deliveries for customers and reliable steady employment for the men and women working for Ellington Farms.

As the company grew both brothers put in long days dispatching the trucks and finding new customers during the day and most nights and weekends pulling maintenance on the equipment. Phil, after retiring, became more involved in the day to day activities, Ellington Farms was incorporated and with all three having a passion for learning everything they could about the transportation industry, the company continued to grow.

Ellington Farms, Inc. has become a service provider with more than sixty employees, over 50 power units and dedicated terminals in three states along with drop trailers at numerous locations. Ellington Farms, Inc. strives to meet and exceed all of its customers transportation needs at an affordable rate and with reliable delivery times.